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Keep your power cords in line.





The Cord Warden keeps your extension cords tangle free saving you time and energy.


The Cord Warden is a "Portable Storage System". It's Patented Design features double ended outlets, and integrated "clip and load" handles that provide organized, tangle-free storage and use.   

Please check out our video below on "How to load your extension cord into the Cord Warden the first time". This step is crucial in using your Cord Warden properly and effectively. 

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I love my new Cord Warden because it saves me so much time and effort when working with my 100 foot extension cord, and storage is neat and tidy.
— Barb L - Home Owner
It’s great to use in small spaces and keeps the cord orderly in customer’s homes.
— Tom A, Contractor
The Cord Warden makes using extension cords hassle free; making me more apt to use those annoying cords :)
— Jean, Home Owner
I love how easy it is to store the Cord Warden.
— Kristina, Home Owner